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iStreetView 360-degree image mapping system

iStreetView represents a new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) basemap foundation layer, providing "on-the-ground" street-level details that are just not possible with satellite or aerial photography.

iStreetView images are collected using a Global Positioning System mounted in specially equipped vehicles, and are geo-coded based on GPS latitude and longitude information. Consequently, they are easily integrated with aerial photography and other geospatial database sources. Seven images, including a 360 degree panoramic image, are collected for each location point.

Customers acquire iStreetView images through a license agreement, which allows for sharing iStreetView images on a web server in Intranet or Internet environments. @City provides web hosting services for customers who want a turn-key solution that includes image collection, application deployment, and web access.

A single iStreetView image database can supply images for multiple applications:

  • Asset/Signage Inventory and Management
  • Permit and Code Enforcement
  • Public Works Maintenance
  • Engineering and Inspection
  • Public Safety/Fire/Police Activity Planning and Staff Training
  • City Planning and Economic Development
  • Facility Management

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iStreetview Imagery

Asset Viewing
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Asset Inventorying
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