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iStreetView Solutions

Public Works:

iStreetView images support pubic works asset management inventory and condition review. For example, the City of Hayward Public Works department can now check on the location of traffic signs, buildings, storm drains, and other structures in support of asset inventory and assessment activities.

City Planning:

iStreetView™ brings together images of neighborhoods to add new insights to support the city planning process. Planners now have the capability to see actual street and sidewalk conditions related to environmental impact reviews. iStreetView images also supports zoning reviews. Various stakeholders during public meetings can now share a common perspective on the city conditions under discussion. According to the City of Hayward, iStreetView has proven to be a time and cost saving asset in an annexation project by reviewing digital photos of the area without driving to the project site.


Public Safety Dispatchers can use iStreetView to confirm caller locations and improve response time. Planners can use iStreetView to map out crime or fire suppression response strategies. GIS staff can integrate iStreetView and public safety geospatial databases with other datasets to support emergency management activities, from field exercises to operations.

iStreetview Imagery

Asset Viewing
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Asset Inventorying
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