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@City Inc., founded in 2000, produces innovative street-level, 360-degree panoramic image maps called iStreetView. iStreetView provides geo-coded street-level digital imagery with high-resolution panoramic views on the web. The iStreetView system consists of 360-degree image acquisition using a proprietary scanning system, image processing to generate geo-coded panoramic image databases, and integration with web browsing software.

iStreetView supports activities such as asset inventory/management, permit/code enforcement, public works/maintenance, engineering/inspection, fire/police activity planning/training, city planning, economic development and facilities management. @City provides customized pricing solutions after creating a prototype demo for a selected area in response to specific customer needs. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

@City's iStreetView Solution is the winner of the Best Solution Award at Government Technology Conference(GTC) West 2006 in Sacramento.

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